Winter Treks in India You Must Undertake

Winter treks in India open up the opportunity of thrilling adventure along with memories of a lifetime. Winter in India brings abundance of snow in Himalayas, which heightens the challenge. In this blog, we introduce you to 12 Best Winter Treks in India. Although tread by avid adventure enthusiasts every year, these treks in India still offer something new and exquisite with every expedition.

The essential elements of an ideal trek are- adventure, experience and beautiful sights, which are all conspicuous in these expeditions. Embark on some of the most memorable journeys, such as those that one reads about only in fables and adventure stories. The scenery above all, is full of exotic meadows, magical oak forests, refreshing and majestic waterfalls, lakes, remote villages and more.

Chadar Trek – Frozen River Zanskar Trek

Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek is one of the most surreal and unique experiences you would ever have.

The Chadar Trek in Ladakh is one of most challenging, picturesque and exciting winter treks in India, though also one of the toughest and adventurous. Attracting a number of local and international tourists every year, the path of the expedition is over the frozen Zanskar River (a tributary of the Indus). An adventure of a lifetime, Chadar Trek is among the most challenging winters treks in the world.

Surrounded by massive and steep mountainous walls. The weather is severely cold, therefore requires a thorough preparation for the excursion. The word Chadar, locally means blanket of snow, likewise the name ‘ice sheet on the river’. The entire stretch, approximately spans 100 km, which takes about 8 days one side depending upon the conditions. Spend nights in caves or in space provided by the locals and eat the local Ladakhi food. However, the harsh conditions, it is one of the most memorable journey you will ever undertake.

Maximum Altitude: About 10,900 ft. above sea level.

Duration: Take approximately 7-9 days to complete.

Difficulty Level: Moderate Difficulty owing to the sub-zero temperatures.

Distance Covered: Approximately 70-100 kilometers.

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Kuari Pass Trek

Winter Trek to Kauri Pass


Kuari Pass is an amazing trek that affords the traveler one of the most incredible sights of majestic Himalayan peaks. Marval at Chaukhamba Range, Mana, Kamet and Abl Gamin, stretching as far as the Tibet border. IN addition, peaks such as the Changabang, Dunagiri, Nanda Ghunti, Dronagiri, Rishi Pahar, Neelkanth are also visible.

The Kuari pass trail is also called Lord Curzon Trail in the honor of the former British Viceroy of India, who first hiked through it. The trek passes through beautiful landscapes. Start from the village of Dhak, after you arrive to Joshimath from Haridwar by road. The trek approximately takes about 5 days to complete. A tent, a permit, a guide and food supplies are important for a trekker to keep with them, which can be organized at the Joshimath itself.

Maximum Altitude: About 12,763 ft. above sea level.

Duration: Takes about 4-6 days to complete.

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate.

Distance Covered: Approximately 33 kilometers.

Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba or serpent’s peak is the highest peak in the Nag Tibba range, which is one the three principle range of the Lower Himalayas besides Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal. Perched at a height of approximately 9,924 feet above sea level, the trek is mostly characterized by picturesque and scenic views and offers clear and unhindered sight of the beautiful Bandarpoonch peak as well as the Gangotri group of peaks, Kedarnath peak, snowy crests of Chanabang and Doon valley.

Nag Tibba is one of the best winter treks in India for beginners. It draws hundreds of tourists from across the globe. The place is said to be the mythological abode of Nag Devta. The trek is full of mesmerizing flora. Pass through  a mix of Deodar and Oak forests humming with a rich diversity of birds and animals. While natural beauty in essence, the trek also offers a wonderful opportunity to observe the Garhwali way of life closely.

Maximum Altitude: About 9,924 ft. above sea level.

Duration: Takes about 2-3 days to complete.

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate.

Distance Covered: Approximately 16 kilometers.

Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake


Prashar Lake Trek is located at a distance of nearly 50 km from Mandi and is one of the most peaceful and amazing offbeat hikes in Himachal Pradesh. The place gets literally wrapped up in snow in winters and the majestic view of golden rays, kissing the high altitude peaks at a distance is one of the most fabulous sights one can ever see. The destination of the trek is a beautiful lake with deep blue waters, held sacred by the local people. Here visit the three storied pagoda, located just along the lake. The shrine is dedicated to the sage Prashar, who is said to have meditated here.

Reaching here one can get clear and magnificent sights of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Kinnaur range. The maximum altitude of the trek is about 8, 477 ft. above sea level and normally takes about 2-3 days to cover, if started from the Baggi village. The most memorable feature of the trek is the amazing calm and serenity about the lake, which must and should be experienced. The silence is spiritually uplifting and combined with the stunning views, brings the trekkers here again and again.

Maximum Altitude: About 8,477 ft. above sea level.

Duration: Take about 2-3 days to complete.

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Distance Covered: Approximately 8 kilometers from Baggi village.

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